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  1. What will be achieved by draught sealing my sash window?

    Our Conserve-A-Sash Draught Sealing System will eliminate draughts, rattles, dust ingress and reduce outside noise. You will have increased security and energy efficiency. Our system guarantees you that your old windows will open and close smoothly. Along with installing our Draught Sealing System we will also seal the outside of the window with a silicone seal to eliminate any draughts coming through gaps with the window and outside wall.

  2. How long does it take and will there be a mess?

  3. It depends on the window and if there is other renovation work to be carried out. Generally our Installation Teams can Draught Seal 1-2 windows per day.They will also take great care with your property laying dust sheets and cleaning up after themselves once finished. They are highly conscientious.

  4. Where else can the Conserve-A-Sash Draught Proof System be used?

  5. It can be used on all wooden doors and windows including casements.

  6. My windows are in terrible condition would it not be better to get PVC?

  7. No. Sash windows in good condition add value to your property and are a feature that most people admire. Your sash windows properly renovated will out last a PVC window. We have renovated sash windows over 150 years old. Can you say that about a PVC window? We can save most windows and where necessary we will make a new sash window that matches the original. This maintains the 'look' of your home. The sash window is still the most visually pleasing window invented to date and is the most environmentally friendly.

  8. I have PVC installed can I get sash windows instead?

  9. Yes you can. Even if your old boxes have been cut out we can make new traditional box sash windows that will match your period or new house style. Our workshop can match any profile or design style you may want. We use high quality treated timber and can offer a painted finish on all products.

  10. What do you mean by Conservation?

  11. We work closely with conservation officers and architects when renovating listed buildings. We apply the same criteria when doing domestic or smaller jobs. Essentially we will do everything we can to conserve the window by retaining the old glass and replacing timber where necessary. Where we can't replace the timber we can use a wood bond adhesive to fix the frame of the sash window. In extreme cases we have to replace the window.

  12. What about your new window range?

  13. Quite simply we manufacture any type of box sash window be it to match existing windows with traditional moulding or modern style double glazed sash windows. We provide a quality painted finish window with a range of window hardware be it brass, chrome or stainless steel.