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It is inevitable that sometimes a piece of joinery has deteriorated so much that repair is not an economical option and a replacement has to be made. Where necessary Conserve-A-Sash will take dimensions and moulding of your rotten timer so that an exact match can be made to suit the character of your property using traditional craft methods.

All our joinery is made by hand using mortise and tenon technique by fully qualified joiners. Our team are experts in the field of traditional bespoke joinery. The timber that we use is high quality treated timber and you can choose from a range of teak, cedar, mahogany and red deal.

All our new joinery comes fully painted and glazed with the option of double glazed units as well as the traditional single panes. We specialise in traditional box sash windows using counterbalance weights and pulleys or hidden springs. We can also make bespoke windows that match your architect drawings.

All our joinery is handmade in our workshop.

Upgrade your single glazed sash windows to double glazed windows

Fit double glazed hardwood sashes into your existing box frames. This is an extremely good method of upgrading your single glazed timber sash windows whilst retaining your original box frame, shutters and architraves. Changing the complete box frames can be a major job, this is the most effective way of upgrading your single glazed windows with the least amount of disruption.

UPVC sash windows

A selection of UPVC sliding sash windows with a range of features are now available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.